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Craven Reporting

The front pages today are full of gushing praise for the G20 and their 'historic' agreement. Trouble is, read the details and most commentators agree that there's nothing new. The trillions have all been previously announced. The special drawing rights for the IMF don't require their agreement anyway. The clampdown on tax havens contained no specific action. Even the agreement to meet again couldn't agree when. And so on.

How does Brown pull it off? What has he paid the journalists to get such coverage even as most of them know (read their own blogs) that it's all bullshit?

Is it possible that the answer may be in the fact that the government's PR budget is a shade over £1 billion per annum? Is it possible that those political editors think they won't get future 'exclusives' from the government if they don't play the game? The trouble is their readers are deserting them. Every few months, even before the recession started, another newspaper would lay off staff. When will the supposedly professional hacks realise that people don't buy newspapers to read reheated government press releases, that their jobs are dependent on people buying their newspapers, not government handouts?

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glasshopper said...

Is that it?

Nothing for 6 weeks and then that's all your many starving fans get?

Mean. Miserly. Parsimonious. Stingy.

Anyway, many people DO buy newspapers to read reheated garbage, and they believe every word of it.

This may come as a shock, but roughly one third of the people in this country are perfectly prepared to vote Labour AGAIN.