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A Scary Prediction for the Next Epoch, Post Credit Crunch

When the dust settles after this crisis there will be a profound shift in the relative power between East and West, to a situation that more closely represents the underlying reality. Western people are unlikely to take kindly to this, however. I would not rule out similar strife to what we had in the thirties. The disillusionment with the political class threatening democracy itself just as it did eighty years ago, leading to a large scale war in 10-20 years' time.

My bet for the spark that lights this tinderbox is Italy, its demographic collapse with the highest debt per worker is totally unsustainable.

Russia will soon be free to push further back into its former satellite states as NATO will be too weak to do anything about it and pre-occupied with keeping Western governments in place. She too will eventually weaken, however, as her oil money runs out and her population also collapses to the extent that the Muslim world pushes its boundaries northwards in a series of vicious wars. China, meanwhile, will continue quietly to build an empire in all but name in Africa.

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